Self-confidence Can Prevent Stroke

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Self-confidence Can Prevent Stroke
Self-confidence Can Prevent Stroke

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Self-confidence can prevent stroke

Good blood pressure control is very important in preventing recurrent stroke. Scientists have shown that people who have had one stroke have lower blood pressure when they believe in themselves to fight the disease.

Self-confidence can prevent stroke
Self-confidence can prevent stroke

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High blood pressure is an important risk factor for stroke, both first and second. People who have had a stroke have lower blood pressure if they believe in themselves in dealing with this formidable condition. A scholarly paper that demonstrates this is published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Although blood pressure can be lowered both through lifestyle changes and medication, many people find it difficult to control it. At the same time, scientists write, doctors are increasingly convinced that a positive attitude is good for the condition of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

The scientists analyzed data on 552 stroke patients who were followed for a year. Before leaving the hospital, each study participant was asked if he agreed with the statement "I can protect myself from a stroke." About three quarters of the patients agreed with him.

The authors of the study emphasize that agreement with this statement speaks of belief in one's own strengths, in the ability to achieve a certain result.

Participants' blood pressure was measured periodically throughout the year. In patients who believed they could protect themselves from recurrent stroke, blood pressure during treatment was further reduced by an average of 5.6 millimeters of mercury compared to patients who did not have such a rosy mood. Scientists emphasize that this is a clinically significant level of pressure change, that is, it can really affect the state of health, affect the risk of developing a stroke.

After additional statistical analysis, the researchers found that the decrease in blood pressure after stroke was more pronounced in positive women. At the same time, in women who were not confident in their abilities to fight a stroke, blood pressure increased slightly during this time.

“This study has shown a link between self-confidence and lower blood pressure. This is in line with previous research that links positive psychological states to better health outcomes in the context of cardiovascular disease and stroke,”said Emily Goldmann, professor at New York University's School of Global Health and lead author in a press release. research. She added that the data could be useful for designing stroke prevention programs.

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