Kagocel: Contraceptive Disguised As Antiviral?

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Kagocel: Contraceptive Disguised As Antiviral?
Kagocel: Contraceptive Disguised As Antiviral?

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Kagocel: contraceptive disguised as antiviral?

Advertising for this over-the-counter drug has been on central TV screens since its registration in 2003. It is curious that the antiviral agent, which is constantly included in our List of Essential and Essential Medicines, was taken exactly half a century ago by the Chinese and Brazilians as a male contraceptive, but then they stopped.

Kagocel: contraceptive disguised as antiviral?
Kagocel: contraceptive disguised as antiviral?

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Demographic pill

China and Brazil in 1970 could not allow further population growth, which already had nothing to feed, so the invention of a drug that disrupts spermatogenesis seemed to be an excellent solution to the problem. The fact that one in five of those taking gossypol developed irreversible infertility did not bother anyone at first. It's just that they made a point in the instruction that it is recommended to take it only after the man has given birth to the planned offspring. Nevertheless, it never came to the use of the drug in the USA and Europe. In 1998, the expert commission of the World Health Organization on male fertility problems decided to ban gossypol, because the harm from taking it turned out to be more than good. After all, what is gossypol? One of the pigments of cotton,belonging to the class of polyphenols, which in itself is quite toxic.

Insecurity level

The drug can cause hypokalemia - a decrease in the level of potassium in the blood, leading to general and muscle weakness and heart problems. Of course, potassium deficiency can be replenished with drugs containing it - panangin or asparkam. They are usually prescribed to compensate for the loss of this mineral when taking diuretics (diuretics) that remove it from the body. But the ability of gossypol to cause irreversible infertility is much more serious than the negative effects of hypokalemia.

As a contraceptive, it was intended for men who already had offspring. And as an antiviral agent today, the manufacturers of the drug recommend it not only to adults, but also to children from the age of three. Including boys, every fifth of whom, as a result of taking the drug, runs the risk of earning irreversible spermatogenesis disorders. In 45% of modern men, this process balances on the verge of norm and pathology, and 9% are completely sterile.

But after nearly 20 years of widespread use of the "innovative nanopreparation" for the prevention of herpes, influenza, SARS, and now coronavirus infection, these 9% threaten to turn into a much higher indicator in the near future, when grown up boys want to have their own families.

Immune induction

Are the antiviral properties of the drug so good that reproductive risks can be neglected? Kagocel belongs to the so-called inducers of interferons - proteins that block the reproduction of viruses. But they do it not purposefully, like antibodies "sharpened" against a certain pathogen. And not like drugs like acyclovir, which specifically destroys the herpes virus, or oseltamivir, which destroys the influenza virus. Interferons do not have such a specification, they hit the sparrows with a cannon, that is, all viruses at once, but they do not hit one of them sightingly.

Yes, and you need to start taking Kagocel before the 4th day of the disease, otherwise the effect will not be so noticeable. It turns out that in order to increase nonspecific immunity, which a) can be strengthened by charging in front of an open window and pouring cold water and b) it does not protect one hundred or even fifty percent from the virus, we are ready to sacrifice the reproductive health of the nation.

The chief physician of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov briefly and clearly comments on the situation with Kagocel and similar agents: “All funds from“Arbidol”to“Kagocel”are a double blow to the kidneys. This is nonsense, deception. The only good remedy for colds is strong immunity. Do not watch advertisements: you are bred and deceived."

Tangle of contradictions

“But excuse me,” proponents of treatment with Kagocel argue, “the risk of infertility and possible toxic effects is associated with free gossypol. And in our nanopreparation, it is combined with a copolymer - carboxymethyl cellulose. As a result, a rather large molecule is obtained, unable to penetrate the body's restrictive barriers into the brain and testicular tissue, and therefore, poison the first and disrupt the formation of sperm in the second."

All this is true, but the bond between gossypol and the copolymer can be destroyed by the action of enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract and a number of other factors. And then, according to the WHO warning, harm begins to prevail over benefit.

Multicenter randomized studies of the efficacy and safety of the drug in accordance with international standards have not been conducted. Even the fact that Kagocel is presented as a "nanopreparation" already looks antiscientific - "nano" means the smallest size, and we are talking about a rather large polymer with a high molecular weight.

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