Russian NGOs Unite To Fight Coronavirus

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Russian NGOs Unite To Fight Coronavirus
Russian NGOs Unite To Fight Coronavirus

Video: Russian NGOs Unite To Fight Coronavirus

Video: Russian NGOs Unite To Fight Coronavirus
Video: Russian NGOs fear new 'foreign agent' law 2023, March

Russian NGOs Unite to Fight Coronavirus

Under the What To Do project, the Not In Vain Cancer Prevention Foundation is partnering with Russian NGOs and ANOs to help the health care system cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative "Not in vain" was supported by the Zhivoi Foundation for Assistance to Adults, the Pravmir Charitable Foundation, the AdVita Charitable Foundation and the Lavka Radosti Foundation for the Support of Social Programs and Initiatives

Russian NGOs Unite to Fight Coronavirus
Russian NGOs Unite to Fight Coronavirus


Together, they will raise funds and procure medical supplies for hospitals receiving patients with COVID-19, as well as food for doctors.

“What to do” is a campaign to combat coronavirus infection in Russia. The project brings together the Just Ask About COVID-19 patient reference service, a knowledge base for doctors, and a hospital support program.

What the collaboration will look like. Hospitals submit a request for help on the What to Do website and attach a list of needs. After that, "Not in vain" this list is supplemented in accordance with the checklist developed together by leading Russian intensive care physicians, which must be in intensive care to help patients with COVID-19. “Not in vain” makes an estimate, and then, together with partner funds, distributes efforts to find everything necessary, attract donor companies and raise funds, procurement, logistics, supplies, etc. Thus, the search and acquisition of everything you need will occur more quickly than if the organizations were acting alone.

Zoya Popova, Development Director of the Cancer Prevention Foundation “Not in vain”: “By joining together, charitable organizations that help hospitals and doctors during a pandemic will be able to rationally allocate resources, coordinate activities, and together raise funds in the fight against COVIND-19” and to help those who needs it now."

Ilya Fomintsev, Executive Director of the Cancer Prevention Foundation “Not in vain”: “Now, together with donor companies, we delivered protective materials and equipment to help patients in intensive care to St. Petersburg hospitals with a total cost of about 23.7 million rubles. This is the minimum that doctors need to save coronavirus patients every day. We have done a great job and this is just the beginning. Imagine how much we can do by uniting!"

To ensure the transparency of the work of each of the organizations, the foundations use the site of the "What to do" project, as well as their own media resources, where the organizations' reports and the latest news of the antiquarian campaign are regularly published. The Fund "Not in Vain" regularly publishes news about new hospital supplies as part of the antiquarian campaign on the "What to do" website. In the same place, hospitals in need of assistance can fill out an application and view the checklist for resuscitation.

About the Cancer Prevention Foundation "Not in vain"

Cancer Prevention Foundation "Not in Vain" is a non-profit organization promoting the ideas of evidence-based medicine and primary prevention of malignant tumors. The Foundation is also introducing a system of cancer screening, new methods for diagnosing cancer, and also improving the quality of medical education and education. The foundation was founded in 2010. The co-founder and executive director of the foundation is Ilya Fomintsev, an oncologist surgeon, graduate of the medical faculty of the N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University (2002) and the Department of Oncology of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (2004)

Among the main areas of work of the Fund "Not in vain": online service for cancer patients and their loved ones "Just ask", a charitable grant program for talented oncologists Graduate School of Oncology, as well as an expert information system for assessing indications for screening and early detection of cancer in the main sites Screen 2.0

Contacts for communication

Anna Voznyuk, Director of Strategic Communications

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +7 (931) 306 0470

Daria Semeina, communications specialist

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +7 (981) 188-07-38

About the Charitable Foundation for Helping Adults "Zhivoi"

The Zhivoi Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to provide assistance to seriously ill people aged 18 to 60 years. The Foundation helps people with serious illnesses to receive treatment and rehabilitation in Russian clinics, to obtain a “second opinion” from leading doctors. In addition, the fund provides regular support to Russian clinics, publishes and disseminates up-to-date information on the treatment of cancer, helps clinics in equipping resuscitation centers with the necessary equipment and consumables. The territory of the foundation is the whole of Russia. Over the 10 years of the foundation's existence, thousands of people from all over Russia have received help and support.

Contacts for communication

Ksenia Kosyakina, Fund Coordinator

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +9 (929) 916-10-16

Ekaterina Kuznetsova, PR and Fundraising

e-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: +9 (916) 457-29-66

About the Pravmir charitable foundation

Charitable Foundation "Pravmir" helps adults and children with serious illnesses to receive treatment, examinations, medicines and rehabilitation that are not paid by the state. The Foundation also provides legal support to socially unprotected citizens in difficult life situations.


Anna Lomagina, PR Director

+7 916 121 76 89

AdVita Charitable Foundation

Since 2002, the AdVita Charitable Foundation has been helping adults and children who are being treated for cancer in clinics in St. Petersburg and in oncology departments of hospitals. The Foundation pays for diagnostics, medicines, search for a bone marrow donor, equipment and consumables for it. In 2019, 577 people from 74 regions of Russia and several oncological hospitals received targeted financial assistance.

Our task is to make modern treatment available to anyone regardless of age, income level, medical prognosis. We help at all stages: from diagnosis to completion of treatment.


Julia Paskevich, head of PR department

tel.: 8-911-248-92-37

About the "Shop of Joy" Foundation

The Fund for the Support of Social Programs and Initiatives "Shop of Joy" provides multi-level and versatile assistance to people in difficult life situations, and also supports charitable projects of non-profit organizations. Details about the activities of the "Shop of Joy" Foundation:

Phoenix program. Helping people affected by fire and other natural disasters. As part of this program, we launched a fundraising company to help hospitals and doctors fighting COVID 19.


Nadezhda Polyakova, isp. director

8 (965) 218-74-91

Ivanna Komarova, fund coordinator

8 (963) 755-09-35

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