The First Signs Of COVID-19

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The First Signs Of COVID-19
The First Signs Of COVID-19
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The first signs of COVID-19

Many people know that coronavirus can cause coughing, fever, weakness, muscle pain, and other symptoms common to many colds. Scientists have found out which two symptoms most often appear on the first day of illness.

The first signs of COVID-19
The first signs of COVID-19

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Scientists have determined with what symptoms the coronavirus infection COVID-19 most often begins. These symptoms are fever and cough. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Chinese scientists analyzed data from 1,099 patients from 552 hospitals in whom the diagnosis of COVID-19 was laboratory confirmed.

Fever (high temperature) was present in almost 44% of patients at the time of hospitalization and in 88% during their hospital stay. The second most common early symptom was cough - in 67% of cases. Diarrhea was the rarest symptom mentioned when describing the disease. 3.8% of patients suffered from it in the early stages.

There were no pathological changes in the images made with a computed tomography in 17.9% of patients with mild forms of the disease and almost 3% with a severe course of infection.

"Some patients with COVID-19 do not have fever and radiological signs of pathology at the onset of the disease, which complicates the diagnosis," the study authors write.

Doctors have previously described the symptoms of COVID-19. JAMA magazine published a study on February 7 that analyzed signs of illness in the first 138 patients. Fever, fatigue and dry cough were reported as the most common symptoms. They are often accompanied by muscle pain and fatigue. Atypical symptoms (diarrhea, nausea) occurred in 10% of patients.

A third of patients developed severe breathing problems requiring intensive care. They developed about 8 days after the onset of symptoms.

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