8 Myths About Coronavirus

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8 Myths About Coronavirus
8 Myths About Coronavirus

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8 myths about coronavirus

The rapid spread of the coronavirus and the lack of data on it in the early stages of the epidemic have created a fertile ground for conspiracy theories and speculation. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have announced they will take action to combat disinformation. But it has become difficult to contain its flow in recent weeks. Let's figure out which myths are most widespread.

8 myths about coronavirus
8 myths about coronavirus

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The rapid spread of the coronavirus and the lack of data on it in the early stages of the epidemic have created a fertile ground for conspiracy theories and speculation. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have announced they will take action to combat disinformation. But it has become difficult to contain its flow in recent weeks. Let's figure out which myths are most widespread.

Coronavirus is a biological weapon

The new coronavirus could be a biological weapon that was developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This was reported by the Washington Times with reference to a former Israeli military intelligence officer.

Another version of the conspiracy theory is that the combat virus was brought to China from Canada. This version of the myth stems from the fact that several Chinese scientists and students were expelled from a Canadian laboratory last year for "policy violations."

This myth is debunked by the Washington Post: a number of experts argue that the genome of the virus does not indicate that it was created by means of genetic engineering. Vipin Narang, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said in a tweet that there is no evidence that the new coronavirus is a biological weapon. And if it turned out to be such, it would have to spread faster and from give greater lethality, The Guardian quotes the scientist.

The epidemic was planned

Soon after the first cases of the disease appeared in the United States, documents were published on social networks that, at first glance, could indicate that experts knew about the existence of the virus several years ago, says The Guardian.

Conspiracy theorists, the most active of whom was Jordan Sater, disseminated information that the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection was deliberately launched at the same time as the threat of impeachment to US President Donald Trump. Sater posted a link to the 2015 Pirbright Institute patent. It talks about the development of an attenuated coronavirus for potential use in the manufacture of a vaccine.

In fact, the published patent did not cover the novel coronavirus. It belonged to the coronavirus that causes bronchitis in birds. The speaker of the Institute reported this to Buzzfeed News.

Coronavirus can be transmitted through packages from China

AliExpress parcels are the subject of both fears and jokes of users of social networks. The media reported that many Russians are afraid of receiving packages from a Chinese company due to fear of infection.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, said that such parcels did not pose a health hazard, like other items that came to the country from China. Earlier, the famous pediatrician Sergei Butriy reported that he did not intend to refuse deliveries from China and did not recommend it to others. The fact is that on open surfaces the virus is hardly able to survive for several days.

The cause of the new epidemic is 5G

The continuation of accusations of 5G mobile communications in all sins (fires, cancer) was the assumption that it helps to spread the coronavirus epidemic. A Facebook post, which has already been flagged as false information, states that a 5G connection was launched in Wuhan for the first time. It supposedly lowers immunity and increases the danger of the common cold.

There is no evidence that the 5G network affects immunity. In addition, in addition to Wuhan, the 5G network has been launched in several more cities in different countries.

Coronavirus can be obtained from bananas

A post about a dangerous virus that can be contracted by eating bananas quickly spread on the Russian-language Internet. Although this strange post mentions the unknown name of the virus "n7n9", it may intensify the panic that is associated with the new coronavirus.

BBC News's Russian service points out that no expert, official or politician, in China or abroad, has ever linked the virus to fruit. In addition, the coronavirus cannot survive for long outside the body.

Vitamins and bleach

The new infection is predictably a convenient pretext for proposing a variety of alternative treatments. These include oregano oil and vitamin C. This misinformation is widespread on social media. One of the most dangerous proposals came from a large conspiracy group in the United States. To prevent disease, they offer their "Miracle Mineral Solution", which the FDA previously called "dangerous bleach"

The accuracy of information on prevention and treatment methods for new coronavirus infection should be carefully checked.

Video about the "terrible truth"

A video footage recorded by a woman who is portrayed as a nurse from Wuhan in English subtitles has become hugely popular. She says that the "real" number of cases is 90,000, and one infected person can infect 14 people. These numbers are very different from official data and information from the World Health Organization.

BBCNews suggests that the video is a resident of Hubei province, who shares her personal opinion about the epidemic. Most likely, her statements were influenced by the lack of information about the new infection. Her protective clothing is different from the protective equipment of medical personnel who work in Wuhan. According to the BBC, she herself does not claim to be a doctor or nurse.

Unfair advertising

Manufacturers of drugs "Arbidol" and "Ingvarin" in a new radio advertisement announced that the drugs help with coronavirus infection. The Federal Antimonopoly Service has promised to clarify the circumstances surrounding these statements, since the effectiveness of the drug against the new strain of the virus is a separate issue.

In the US, antiseptic manufacturer Purell has received a warning from the FDA for indicating that its products can prevent coronavirus infection.

Situation for today

Following an emergency meeting on January 30, 2020, WHO declared the outbreak of coronavirus infection nCoV2019 a public health emergency of international concern.

In the past 24 hours, about 2,000 new cases of the disease have been reported in China. The number of cases worldwide has increased to about 9,800. The vast majority of them live in China.

In Germany, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, France and the United States, cases of the disease have been reported in people who have not visited China.

On January 31, the first 2 cases of the disease were registered in Russia. Two citizens of China fell ill, in Transbaikalia and the Tyumen region. Their condition is stable, without clinical manifestations and without temperature. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova noted that there is no risk of the spread of a viral infection in Russia. The patients are isolated, their contacts are checked.

Information about the detection of coronavirus in Moscow was denied by Rospotrebnadzor. Passenger rail service between Russia and China was suspended until March 1. To prevent coronavirus, a state of emergency has been introduced in the village of Zabaikalsk on the border with China. In the Trans-Baikal region, there is a high alert mode, RT reports.

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