Maple Extract May Inhibit Skin Aging

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Maple Extract May Inhibit Skin Aging
Maple Extract May Inhibit Skin Aging

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Maple extract may inhibit skin aging

Scientists have discovered several mechanisms by which maple leaf extract can prevent the development of wrinkles.

Maple extract may inhibit skin aging
Maple extract may inhibit skin aging

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Maples are known and loved for their beautiful fall foliage and maple syrup. But it turns out that maple leaves can have beneficial effects on our skin as well. Scientists claim that extract from them can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

American researchers from the University of Rhode Island presented their research results at the 256th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

Scientists have previously studied the chemical composition of maple leaves and the health benefits of maple sap and syrup. However, according to historical records, other parts of the maple tree may have health benefits. According to Navindra P. Seeram, lead author of the study, Native Americans used red maple leaves in traditional medicine.

The elasticity of the skin is maintained by proteins such as elastin. Wrinkles form when the enzyme elastase breaks down elastin in the skin during the aging process. “We wanted to see if red maple leaves could block elastase activity,” says Hang Ma, one of the study's authors.

Scientists have focused on phenolic compounds in leaves known as gallotannins and studied the ability of such compounds to suppress elastase activity in vitro. They also studied how gallotannins interact with elastase to block its activity, and how molecular structure affects its blocking ability. Gallotannins containing multiple halogen groups (a type of phenolic group) were found to be more effective than those with one halogen group. But these compounds can not only interact with elastase. In previous work, the same group of researchers demonstrated that these same gallotannins can protect skin from inflammation and whiten dark spots on the skin (unwanted moles or age spots).

American researchers intend to continue testing. “You can imagine that these extracts can help restore skin elasticity, being something like herbal botox, although they can be simply applied to the skin and will not need any toxic injections,” says Dr. Siram.

And the fact that the extract is sourced from trees, he says, will be appreciated by consumers as they usually look for natural ingredients in skin care products.

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