Four Signs Of Excessive Salt Intake

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Four Signs Of Excessive Salt Intake
Four Signs Of Excessive Salt Intake

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Four signs of excessive salt intake

Excessive salt intake can cause headaches, swelling of the fingers, and frequent urination at night.

Four signs of excessive salt intake
Four signs of excessive salt intake

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Salt not only preserves food, but also gives it a certain flavor, which is why many people consume more of it than is necessary. We probably eat even more salt with processed foods. High blood pressure is an obvious sign of excessive salt intake, but there are four other signs that you should limit your salt intake.

1. Food seems bland to you

According to experts, the craving for salty foods is not an innate, but an acquired habit. “We are gradually developing a preference for salt. Salt has some properties that make food tastier, and this can help neutralize the natural bitterness of food. This is why people often sprinkle salt on vegetables and then taste better,”says Gazzaniga Moloo, spokesman for the American Dietetic Association. However, consuming too much salt can affect your taste buds. You can get used to the taste of foods high in salt, and then foods with a normal salt content will seem bland to you.

2. You feel like you are swollen and bloated

Have you ever felt as if you were suddenly gaining weight? Consuming more sodium than needed can cause this feeling as fluid is trapped in body tissues. "Salt acts like a magnet for water, trapping liquid," says American nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix. Fluid retention can cause bloating and also explains why your eyes or fingers swell, which is common in middle-aged people. “I have a friend who removes rings from her fingers before eating a bowl of soup, because then they simply cannot be removed,” added Tob-Dix.

3. You have unexplained headaches

If you experience headaches from time to time, and there is no obvious reason, try watching to see if they occur after eating high-salt foods. "Excessive amounts of salt can cause blood vessels in the brain to dilate, which can then lead to headaches," explains Mandy Enright, a dietitian and fitness trainer based in New Jersey.

4. Urination occurs frequently

"Urination at night is a real problem for many people, especially in old age," says Dr. Matsuo Tomohiro of Japan's Nagasaki University. In his 2017 study, Dr. Tomohiro found that consuming excessive amounts of salt can cause excessive urination. In older people, it can cause intermittent sleep, fatigue, and irritability. By reducing their salt intake by 25%, the study participants found they were less likely to go to the toilet at night. “Our research suggests that a simple dietary change can significantly improve the quality of life for many people,” says Dr. Tomohiro.

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