5 Ways To Relieve Headaches

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5 Ways To Relieve Headaches
5 Ways To Relieve Headaches

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5 ways to relieve headaches

Orgasms, coffee, hot showers, and more will help you cope with a difficult problem.

5 ways to relieve headaches
5 ways to relieve headaches

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Worse than waking up on Monday morning, it can only be waking up on Monday morning, and even with a terrible headache. Headaches are not just physical pain - they can affect your ability to think and focus throughout the day. Here are five simple things to do (or not to do) to get the possible relief:

Get an orgasm

One German study published in 2013 says engaging in intercourse (or even masturbation) can relieve migraine pain.

"Orgasm raises levels of oxytocin, which is a pleasure hormone, and endorphins in your brain are natural pain relievers," says Dr. Saralyn Mark, gynecologist. So feel free to add this “potential headache relief” to your list of sex benefits.

Stop chewing gum

Studies have shown that people who chew gum (usually teenagers) can often have headaches caused by this particular habit. One explanation is that the constant movement of the jaw causes tension in the temporomandibular joint, located where the jaw connects to the skull.

“Every doctor knows that excessive stress on this joint causes headaches. I believe this is what happens when children and adolescents chew gum a lot,”says Dr. Nathan Watemberg of Tel Aviv Meir Medical University in Israel.

Let your hair down

While they look great, hairstyles such as the ponytail can potentially be one of the causes of headaches. “When you style your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, or braid it tightly, the skin tightens and the nerves of the scalp are engaged,” explains Dr. Denise E. Chou, assistant professor of neurology at the center of Columbia University (Columbia University Medical Center).

To reduce physical and nerve tension, she recommends wearing loose hairstyles on normal days, and keeping tight braids, tails or headbands reserved for specific occasions.

Have a coffee

Many of us drink a traditional cup of coffee in the morning when we need to wake up and even get rid of a headache.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Loder of the Boston Gynecological Hospital, caffeine may have a mild pain relieving effect when used in the early stages of a headache.

“But it's important not to overdo it, otherwise it can get addictive. Don't drink a lot of coffee on a regular basis so you can use this "secret weapon" when you need it, says Loder.

Take a hot shower

Dr. Mark Green of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York recommends a relaxing shower for headache relief. Make sure the water is hot, or at least warm.

“People who wake up with a headache, which is not uncommon, often try to stay in bed longer and pretend they cannot get up, hoping that the headache will go away on its own,” says Green. However, a hot shower, he says, can release tension by relaxing the muscles in the head, neck and shoulder areas.

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